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How To Play Clue During An Ice Storm Power Outage

Three days equals 72 hours, unless an ice storm knocks out your power and then three days equals 234 hours and you have to play CLUE for every single one of them. Because, umm, Parcheesi was not happening and the batteries to Operation were, of course, dead.

Rolling Dice in Clue

Every few years a bad ice storm rolls through Oklahoma City and knocks out our power. This time we had no electricity for six days. If that wasn’t bad enough, after the power came back on and we moved back into the house, we had to wait three more days for cable to be reconnected. FirstWorldProbs, y’all.

So, here is what we did during the first two days without power: Played CLUE not stop. And, if you must know, Ms. Scarlet did it in the Billiard Room with the knife, except the actual knife was missing and we had to use a paper clip. By the way, the knife (I am told) was relocated to the Barbie house sometime back.

Not to worry. To my knowledge no crime has been committed. Yet.

Mrs Scarlet Game Piece Clue Mrs Peacock Game Piece clue Mr Green and Mrs Peacock Clue Pieces Shuffling Clue Cards clue tally sheet Clue Cards Moving Clue pieces Clue Mrs. White Playing Clue 2 Playing Clue Professor Plum Clue

When we got tired of playing CLUE (by the way, Professor Plum’s pants, uh-um), we made Christmas ornaments. Those pins you stick into the Styrofoam balls to secure the sequins bruised our finger tips. This was not at all a sign that we, as human beings, are skewing toward weenie.

making christmas decorationssequins making ornaments 2 sequins for ornaments making ornaments 4 making ornaments 3

Do you like to play Clue?

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