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Challenger Disaster: 30th Anniversary of an Obviously Major Malfunction

Challenger Disaster from a Classroom - watercolor

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My good friend Chloe has written a tremendous piece about the impact of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster on Generation X – particularly mid-to-late wave Gen Xers who were kids sitting in classrooms across America watching it happen LIVE. Here is an excerpt:

If I allow my mind to fully go back into the moments of that day, it is hard to breathe.  I can still feel the chill of that morning on my skin from where I was two time zones away from Florida in the high altitude desert of New Mexico.  I saw it live on TV from a classroom, along with millions of other kids, and watched quietly as the twisting contrail imprinted itself as an image of horror onto the collective consciousness of my generation, like some coiled up snake that struck without warning. Palpable feelings of excitement degenerated into confusion and then anxiety; and then the teacher abruptly shut off the TV.  We were told that it was over and to get back to our desks.  In that moment that I was supposed to stoically return to school work, I found myself caught in some delicate place between life and death, somewhere between hope and hopelessness.  It took me the whole day to process what had happened, and as I did, an emptiness hovered above my head, above my school, above my country.”

Please head on over to Gen X Light From A Pixel to read The Challenger Disaster and Generation X.


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