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Great Indoors Features Gen X Managing Millennials

A funny new comedy series, The Great Indoors, has been picked up by CBS and will air this fall. It’s about a 44-year-old, squarely Generation X reporter who must adapt to the times when becomes the supervisor to a group of Millennials. The team works in the digital department of an outdoor magazine. TV Insider explained the series like this:

The Great Indoors will not be focusing on the dangers of Mother Nature.

Instead, the multi-camera pilot comedy pilot will dive into a wilder world with even wilder characters: digital publishing with millennials.

Check out the trailer for The Great Indoors.

There are several TV shows in development for the fall that feature popular themes in the lives of Gen-Xers. Here are a few on ABC and CBS that I’m looking forward to seeing. I will feature more from Fox, NBC, etc., in an upcoming post.


The Great indoors and Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X feature Generation X themesFor its 33rd season, the long-running show on CBS will feature Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. From the popular producer and director Jeff Probst:

It will hook you quickly because you will identify with one group or the other. The differences between the two groups are quickly apparent, and the Millennials often left me challenging my own way of looking at the world. There is so much appealing energy from the Millennials, and yet often that energy leads to quick decisions that aren’t always well thought out.  With Gen X, you see a tendency to overthink and get stuck in one way of thinking, which can prevent mistakes, but can also hold you back from seizing opportunities. I feel really confident the audience is going to enjoy the season very much.

American Housewife on ABC

This series is about a confident, unapologetic wife and mom of three who raises her flawed family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut, a place filled with a perfecta mommies and offspring.

Speechless on ABC

This series is a family comedy about Maya Dimeo, a mom on a mission who will do anything for her husband, kids, which includes an eldest son with special needs. Dimeo is played by Gen X fave Minnie Driver.

Real Good People on CBS

This is a pilot that has been picked up by CBS. It features a small, conservative town and a small town family that is forced to reconcile their values when they discover their kids lives are less than perfect.

Superior Donuts on CBS

This one appeals to me because it features a gentrifying neighborhood in Chicago. It’s also just in the pilot phase. It features the relationship betwen the owner of a donut shop and his new, young employee. The pilot is based on the play by Tracy Letts. His mother Billy Letts wrote August in Osage County.

What Goes Around Comes Around on CBS

Two 40-something parents who were wild and reckless as teenagers now face their worst nightmare — raising three teenagers of their own.

Which series looks the best to you? What did you think of the Great Indoors trailer?

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