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10 Minute Gen X Documentary

Gen X Documentary From Viacom

Viacom’s Gen X Today project has revealed a generation that’s freed itself from the weight of expectations and crafted meaningful lives. According to the company’s research, over the last two decades, we’ve been trailblazers of profound social change and we’ve done it without calling attention to ourselves. Check out all their posts on Gen X Today.

Below is a 10-minute documentary the company produced. It shines a light on Gen-Xers around the globe. They share in their own words their lives, relationships, careers and interests.

Gen X Today Articles

Viacom’s other articles on the Gen X Today feature include:

First Article: For Gen X, Midlife Is No Crisis

Second Article: At Work, Gen X Want Flexibility and Fulfilment More Than a Corner Office

Third Article: Gen X’s Unconventional Approach To Sex, Friendship and Family

Fourth Article: Gen X Today: My life. My way.

Article 5: Generation X: Trailblazers, Hidden in Plain View

Generation X’s Rebellious Nature Helped Redefine Adulthood

Quartz has published a nice feature based on a Viacom study about Generation X. Excerpt:

Generation X was never one for labels. The so-called “slacker” generation of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s was known in its youth for being cynical, rebellious, and not wanting to be put in a box. The “X” in its nickname—popularized by author Douglas Coupland—stood for a variable, meaning the generation had yet to be defined. Now the cohort is upending what it means to be an adult in much the same way, as its members hit middle age. A new study by Viacom International Media Networks, which sought to..

Continue reading the article.

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