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Gen X News Headlines (Luke Perry’s AARP Cover)

Check out the latest Gen X News headlines.

Luke Perry’s AARP cover means you’re old

Luke Perry recently turned 50. Let that sink in… Dylan McKay from “Beverly Hills 90210” is half a century old. The actor celebrated his big day on October 11 and we can thank AARP magazine for reminding us.


Huffington Post Australia
The Infamous Cricket Battle Between Gen X and Gen Y

But the guts of what happened was a Gen X versus Gen Y standoff. It was a fight between a generation which has always done things in its own good time, and a generation which wants it all, and now, if not sooner.
Comedian Tracy Morgan on Gen X-Millennial Generation Gap

TBS has ordered 10 episodes of this single-camera comedy series, which looks to capture the rawness of Tracy’s stand up persona while also commenting on race relations, the Gen X/Millennial gap and the American penal system.

Otago Daily Times
Harnessing energy of a new generation

Poor us, with the selfish folks above us and the folks below us flitting from job to job and constantly demanding more. I think I am too exhausted to be cynical.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Why are Generation X left out of the stupid boomer vs millennials blame fest?

As long as we all argue over which generation is to blame for ruining everything we’re not going “hang on a second, our real enemy isn’t each other but a financial system which has been deliberately gamed to turn a basic human necessary into a casino rigged for the personal profit of parasitic property developers and the bloodsucking political classes which feed off them in turn, so we should band together and march on Canberra with flaming pitchforks.

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