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Hilarious 1970s Halloween Safety Video

Halloween Safety Video

Halloween Safety Video Screenshot

Check out this 1970s Halloween safety video. This is so funny! Just wait until you get to about 4 minutes, 25 seconds. “Jeremy” appears in his dangerous robot costume with legs that won’t bend.

The short film is actually part 2 in a series. It was produced by a professor at the University of Kansas, features a talking Jack-o’-Lantern. The little animated character provides the following messages:

  • Sharp knives are dangerous! Be careful when carving pumpkins. Hands get slick. You  might cut yourself.
  • Use a flashlight instead a lighted candle inside a pumpkin
  • Jeremy can’t see through his costume! He can’t keep his balance. He might fall down.
  • Sidewalks hurt you when you fall down. Streets are especially dangerous when you fall down on them! A costume shouldn’t make you trip or fall.
  • A monster needs an ugly face, but does it have to be a mask? Make up works just as good. Just don’t get it in your eyes!

Finally, the best part of this Halloween safety video is when the Jack-o’-Lantern says it tickles when he gets his insides scooped out.

Speaking of Jack-o’-Lanterns, check out my Jack-o’-Lantern cheese ball from my 2009 Halloween Dinner Party!

Halloween Safety Video Part 1

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