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Native American Halloween Costumes from the 1970s

In the 1970s, Halloween costume makers Ben Cooper and Collegeville, both offered Native American Halloween costumes for children. Today, they’re rare because people have figured out that — hey, this stuff is offensive to Native peoples and maybe you should stop doing it. Probably can’t say it better than the 2013 campaign: “It’s a culture, not a costume.”

Native American Halloween Costumes

Nevertheless, the little Indian costumes were quite popular throughout the 20th Century. I remember seeing a lot of them during my own trick-or-treating years. They’re in poor taste, but I wanted to document them here just the same. Here are a two more snapshots I’ve snagged for the Gen X photo archive.


Indian headdress halloween costume 1974

Two brothers dress up for Halloween. One wears a Native American headdress and the other one is some sort of cop with a Fu Manchu mustache and beard.

What do you think of Native American Halloween costumes and mascots?

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