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My Son’s Sully Sullenberger Halloween Costume


Sully Sullenberger Halloween Costume

“Each generation of pilots hopes that they will leave their profession better off than they found it.”
–Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

Check out my son Sullivan’s SULLY SULLENBERGER Halloween Costume. Sullenberger is the pilot who landed US Airways Flight 1529 on the Hudson River. The famous water landing (not a crash!) occurred on January 15, 2009, with 155 souls on board. Everyone survived.

We recently took Sully to see the movie SULLY with Tom Hanks. He loved it so much and decided he wanted to be Sully for Halloween! But, after we put the costume on, he started having second thoughts.

It wasn’t scary, it was heroic. Would anyone even know who he was? Maybe he should have been a zombie or dinosaur. Maybe he shouldn’t go to the school parade at all.

Sully Sullenberger Halloween Costume


This is my Sully after winning first place for Funniest Costume. Congratulations, Son. You have great ideas. Keeping being original. Keep loving heroes like Captain Sully Sullenberger.


What do you think of his Sully Sullenberger Halloween costume!? Here are some tips for creating your own.

  • I bought a boy’s navy blue suit off Amazon for about $50. It was just $10 more than an actual pilot costume and he can wear it for Christmas Mass with a silver tie!
  • Thin silver duct tape from Hobby Lobby is what I used for the stripes. There should be four since he’s a captain, but the tape was too thick.
  • The silver wings and captain’s hat are available on Amazon. The wings were $10 and the hat $20.
  • We turned his hair “gray” with white hair spray paint from Walgreen’s. It’s super easy to wash out. I think it cost around $3.
  • I had to buy an entirely different costume just to get the gray mustache. I found that at Party Galaxy where they had plenty of black mustaches. The extra costume cost me $20! It was totally worth it, though, as the gray mustache is one of the Captain Sullenberger’s  most distinct features.
  • The black rolling suitcase belongs to my friend Julie.

TOTAL COST: About $100

Post Script

To my son, who is now 11: May your flight time on this earth be many years long. Always fasten your seat belt, but enjoy the ride. You can and will survive many things. When you encounter turbulence, remain seated. Eventually, it will pass and you’ll be on solid ground. It always passes, Son. This is one thing I know for certain. Hard times come, but they don’t last forever. There is always something amazing up ahead, so hold on for that amazing thing. And, never forget how happy you have made all of us — Daddy and me and your sisters. You are one-of-a-kind. Our son, our brother, our Sully. You bring us such joy.

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