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My Wolverine Tin Doll House with Furniture

A few years ago, I scored a Wolverine tin doll house at a local flea market / swap meet in Oklahoma City. I finally got around to taking pictures of it along with all the cool little furniture that came with it.


Plastic Tin Doll House Furniture Bed Dresser TV credenza Pink Plastic Kitchen and Refrigerator Tin Doll HouseHTF Hard to find Tin Litho House Wolverine garage

garage-on-marx-tin-dollhouse tin-doll-house-living-room-furniture Tin Doll House Furniture Bathroom Toilet Sink in Aqua Blue


Tin Doll House Value

I did some checking and this particular Wolverine tin doll house is kind of hard to find. The attached garaged is what makes it so unique. Also, the fact that it come with most of the furniture. I paid $30.00 for it and have the original box. It’s a little tattered and torn, but I have it.

Some of these vintage 1960s lithographed tin doll houses sell for nearly $400.00 on eBay. I have no idea how much this one is worth. Bridgy enjoys playing with it once in awhile, so I have no immediate plans to sell it.

I always wanted one of these as a kid, but they were kind of hard to come by. I only remember one friend having one. Wolverine went out of business in 1970, so my friends and I barely missed them. I think of them as a toy that is uniquely Generation Jones.

About Wolverine Toy Company

The Wolverine Toy Company produced children’s toys for about 70 years. They were originally located on the north side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the 1970s, it moved to Booneville, Arkansas. Here is more about it from Dr. Lori Verderame of Auction Kings:

The Wolverine Supply and Manufacturing Company made lithographed tin wind-up and stationary toys in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the center of the metal work industry in the early 1900s, the Wolverine company was in operation from 1903 to 1970. Benjamin Bain founded the company and first designed functional household objects like cooking utensils and simple tools.

Wolverine lithographed tin toys are easy to spot from their prominent Wolverine marking and their colorful, clear, and bright lithography on each toy. The toys look realistic and trace the visual history of both appliances and cars…

…Girl toys came later with realistic looking lithographed toy stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and doll houses. In 1962, the company changed its name to “Wolverine Toy Company” and by 1968, the company was purchased by Spang Industries.Wolverine toys in good condition bring good values in the always active vintage toy market.

Did you have a tin doll house?

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  1. Beth

    Marlys means to say there is not a number printed where it’s indicated there should be, she was abbreviating the word number.

  2. Kika

    I just bought one today in Charleston with all the furniture for $50! I haven’t even opened the box of furniture! I might have extra?? Email me at

  3. Lamonica

    This is exactly like the one my mom passed down to me, but my sister sat on it and destroyed it. Do you still have this?

    • Jennifer

      No, Dear. I wish I did. I sold it. =/ Just carting around too much stuff and I let it go via Facebook Marketplace. A lady bought it. It reminded her of her childhood.

  4. Tina

    I have several and now I am trying to find the original furniture sold with them. Could you send me a picture of the actual box that your dollhouse came in? I have it but not with the box. You can text it to me at 509 930 4612. Do you know if there is a club or group that is collecting tin dollhouses? I think it would be great to pass on info.

    • Jennifer

      I don’t have any pictures of it anymore. I”m sorry. There might be FB groups for these toy house collectors.

  5. marlys simmons

    i have a tin house. there is no no. in the no. space. any ides how to find a new front door?

    • Jennifer

      No clue, Marlys. I’m not sure what no non. in the no. space. means.

      • Angel

        That’s hilarious. No no no idea what that means. Thanks for the info on the Wolverine toy company. I appreciate your research.


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