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Blog Series Highlights Lost Generation Analogy

The Sun Also Rises

Chloe kicks off her series on The Last Lost Generation over on her blog, Light From A Pixel. Please hop over and check it out. It’s a beautiful piece. This is a year-long series she’s created, so be sure to connect with her on Facebook so you never miss a post. Here is an excerpt from her post.

There is something of a cosmic connection between my life as a Gen Xer and Hemingway, because my great grandmother (who was one of my main connections from the last Lost Generation) and Hemingway were born only a couple of hours and months apart. What is fascinating to me as a generational writer is that as a child, I was held in the embrace of both maternal and paternal great-grandparents – people born in the 1890s or very soon after, and when I hold my daughter who was born after the millennium, I sometimes pause and feel amazed at the fact that my skin has felt the embrace of people who came from three separate centuries

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  1. Chloe

    Thank you for sharing this, Jen. I’m hoping to write a piece about Langston Hughes in February. More good stuff on the way….

    • Jennifer

      Thank you, Dear One! I love your writing.


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