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Daily Photo: Princess Leia, 1977

Princess Leia 1977 Darth Vaders

Princess Leia flanked by three Darth Vaders, 1977. The link to the source for this photo is not the original source. The original source was a sight called Is This Bliss (isthisbliss dot com).

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Vintage Princess Leia

Today’s photo features a Gen-X girl named Lorina. She’s wearing a homemade Princess Leia costume for Halloween 1977. It seemed fitting given the death of Carrie Fisher.

This photo was taken during the Golden Age of Halloween when kids still went Trick-or-Treating alone. It was also taken just a few months after the May release of the first Star Wars movie. Lorina’s brother is pictured in the homemade Darth Vader costume along with boys in the neighborhood wearing store-bought versions.

“I had the greatest childhood ever,” Lorina writes. “In retrospect, anyway. Sometimes it didn’t seem so great growing up, when my brothers would tease me or kids would bully me or my parents wouldn’t buy me a pony, but overall… totally awesome. Especially when it came to Halloween.”

Did you ever dress up as Princess Leia or another Star Wars character for Halloween? Be sure to check out the related posts below, which feature several images of Gen-Xers in Star Wars costumes including R2D2, Wookie, C=3P0, Yoda and Darth Vader. 

Two recent articles cover the impact of the death of Fisher on Generation X. Fisher starred as Princess Leia and is considered a pop culture icon for Xers. Read: With loss of celebrities such as Carrie Fisher, Florence Henderson, Gen X ponders mortality by Tamara Lush and Generation X Lost Too Many Touchstones in 2016 by Jen Chaney.

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