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Daily Photo: Tiny Snowman on the Hood

Car with Racing Stripes with a snowman on the hood

Aside from the old snowman-on-the-hood trick, is anyone else impressed that her hat matches the car? Those racing stripes were popular on cars in the 1970s. I saw them on Chevelles and El Caminos. Even the Gremlin had racing stripes. The poor Gremlin. My high school friend Shawnda had a purplish-colored one. Our friend Melanie always said it looked like a high-top tennis shoe. Funny, the things you remember…

This picture is of a young Laurie Knight on a December day in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the late 1970s. Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your picture with us!

Stay warm friends. I don’t know how cold it is where you live, but here in the Heartland, it’s an astonishing 6 degrees. And, always remember — if there isn’t enough snow to build a real snowman, you can always build a mini snowman on your hood and let it ride around town with you.

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