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Daily Photo: Winter in Maine, 1978

Winter in Maine

35mm Slide | Source:

Isn’t this a beautiful picture of Winter in Maine? The year was 1978.

It’s expected to snow in Oklahoma City tomorrow. The kids are hoping for a snow day, and I am, too. With any luck, it will stick and we can build a snowman.

Oklahoma City has only had six white Christmases since the early 1890s. I can only remember the one in 2012. Everyone squandered that snow. The neighborhood felt like a nuclear exclusion zone as we pulled the kids on their sleds up and down the snowy streets. No children building snowmen. No dogs chasing sleds. No mothers huddled together drinking coffee. We didn’t see a single soul. Not even a car passed by. It felt like America, with its addiction to the built environment, had become a lonely place I didn’t recognize anymore.


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