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Study Reveals Gen X Women Are Social Media Addicts

Gen X Women use social media the most.

Gen X Women use social media the most.

According to a new study by Nielsen Generation X spends more time on social media than any other generation including Millennials. Xers spend nearly 7 hours per week on various networks versus Millennials, who come in second, at just over 6 hours per week.

Moreover, it’s primarily Gen X women. They spend 25 percent of their time online is on social media. For Gen X males it’s 19 percent. Also, the study reveals that Xers are  more likely to be on Facebook on Sundays via smartphone, while watching primetime shows.

According to Sean Casey, President of Nielsen Social, when it comes to television, the industry should courting Gen X females as potential advocates.

A whopping 61 percent of unique Facebook users who are interacting about something TV-related on Facebook are female,” Casey reported. “And when it comes to connecting with social TV audiences, bear in mind that using multiple devices at once is the new normal, and reaching out while this group is watching TV is vital to capturing their attention. So is putting a lot of thought into keywords and phrases, which should include program names as well as characters’, actors’ or athletes’ names. Keeping an eye on what female Gen-Xers are watching when is going to be key to finding them.”

If you’re a Gen X female blogger the study could provide impetus for brand ambassador work.

Thirty-nine percent of heavy social users believe that finding out about products and services is an important reason for using a social network,” Casey wrote. “Companies would do well to make it easy for potential brand advocates to find information about their products and services—preferably in the form of unbiased customer reviews; 35 percent of heavy users cite special discounts as important, such as access to exclusive offers and coupons. And above all else, brands need to make it easy for potential advocates to show their support.

“Twenty-nine percent of heavy users actually find supporting their favorite companies or brands somewhat to very important—so they need content that’s easy to find and easy to share on Facebook and Twitter.”

The report highlights numerous charts and graphs. The one I found most interesting was the top social networks by smartphone. They include:

  • Facebook 178.8 million
  • Instagram 91.5 million
  • Twitter 82.2 million
  • Pinterest 69.6 million
  • LinkedIn 60.1 million
  • Snapchat 52.6 million
  • Google+ 49.2 million
  • 37.4 million
  • 26.5 million
  • Tumblr 24.6 million

I certainly “gather” with plenty of Gen X women on these sites! The numbers are similar for desktop users, but not identical. They include:

  • Facebook 90.2 million
  • Twitter 32.7 million
  • Pinterest 26.5 million
  • Blogger 22.5 million
  • Instagram 20.4 million
  • LinkedIn 20.1 million
  • 16.6 million
  • Tumblr 12.8 million
  • Google+ 12.1 million
  • 10.8 million

Are you a social media addict?

Click here to read a copy of the full report.

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