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When Generation X Takes Over Politics

Banksy's graffiti in the spirit of Generation X politics: Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge.

Banksy’s graffiti in the spirit of Generation X politics: Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.

Quantumrun has a podcast that focuses on the trends and innovations that will shape our world over the next two decades. Their latest episode is When Generation X Takes Over Politics, which reminds me I promised to cover future Gen X presidential candidates this year, and still need to make good on that promise. Stay with me. It’s coming!

I really enjoyed this podcast and all of the political changes Generation X will usher in that will shape our world. They include:

  • Ending institutional discrimination
  • Multi-party political system
  • Publicly funded elections
  • More progressive tax system
  • Taxing carbon emissions
  • Making government data publicly available

Darren Harnett, a futurist, consultant, educator, and president of Harnett Foresight is a guest on the podcast. He covers the future trends, technologies and challenges Gen-Xers will face once they are in power. One of these challenges includes significant technological unemployment as artificial intelligence and robotics claim large pieces of the job market.

Quantumrun would love to receive your feedback on this podcast. What role do you think Gen Xers will play in shaping society, business, and politics over the next two years? Send your thoughts to They’ll publish the most thoughtful feedback on their website,


Finally, a note about the slide cover to this podcast. It’s a recolored image of Banksy’s famous 2010 street art of a tired painter with the subversive epigram, “Follow Your Dreams,” cancelled out. Banksy is a famous graffiti artist and cultural icon in the U.K. Still anonymous, he painted this piece in a low-income area of Boston’s Chinatown. Since that time it has become one of his most noteworthy projects. Based on his work, most people believe Banksy is a member of Generation X. Click here to see more than 400 of Banksy’s works.

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