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Halloween 1973, Faded Photographs

The longer I blog about my generation, Generation X, the 13th generation of Americans, and the older I get, the more it feels as if I’m merely compiling a record of demographic nearly forgotten before it could be remembered.

Were we – are we – truly a lost generation like the nomads who came before us? I found an amazing scrapbook this summer at a flea market in Oklahoma City. It’s filled with pictures of the Lost Generation, those born between 1883 and 1900. Many of the pictures feature Army nurses and soldiers stationed at Ft. Sill Army Base during World War I. I’m still hoping to get all those posted someday.  I think they would have wanted us to remember them, and I do. We do.

Every Halloween, I try to find new pictures of us, hidden in the deep recesses of Blogspot, one of the first blogging platforms. Many of those blogs are now abandoned, like literary wreckage. Stories told and seldom read.

Curious George, Halloween 1972 | Source: Illustrator Michael Rex

I take the photos and post them here so we don’t lose them. So there is a record of our living, including these humble celebrations in the days before we succumb to all our fears and created a crisis of overparenting. We meant well, dear children of Gen-X.

Halloween 1973 | Siblings from Anoka, Minnesota

Halloween 1973 | Siblings from Anoka, Minnesota | Source

Halloween, Circa 1973 | Source

I like the yellowing borders on old photos from the 1960s to the early 1970s.  If you have photos like this, please don’t destroy them by uploading them to a digital format and color saturating them. We cannot auto correct our lives, so please don’t auto or color correct your vintage photos. It ruins everything about them that was authentic and special. Just my opinion, of course.

I hope everyone is enjoying these early days of fall. Happy Autumn!

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