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Dear Mom: Pin Cushion

Cranberry Candy Dish

Dear Mom,

There were so many things I wanted to tell you while you were still here with me. I know you see it all now, everything I’ve been holding inside and going through for so long. I know you’re helping me from the other side. Thank you.

I know you’re proud of Linda, Becky, Billy and me. How we came together. The circle, not broken anymore. You’re still part of that circle, holding us all together with your love.

cranberry candy dish filled

I hope I can be more like you, Mom. Sometimes, I get afraid that heaven isn’t real. But, I know it is, because I know you are there, and I want to be there, too, with you, so I can see you again. I miss you so much, and I’m so glad for your presence. It must be the gift in the afterlife for those, like you, who achieve the imperishable crown. So many jewels.

Kathy told me tonight how sad she was when you died. How much she loved you. And, Marilyn wrote to me the day you died to remind me that you are now part of the Cloud of Witnesses, cheering me on. You have a whole section all your own just for me. I love you, Mom. I need you, still.


P.S. I got your pin cushion. And, Sully chose your candy dish. He was in so much pain from losing you. I know you could see it, and also, how temporary all this sorrow is. Later, he wondered why we were all so sad because, as he said, you were so happy in heaven.

moms pin cushion

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