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See Bridgy in my sister’s 1960s Vintage Girl Scout Uniform

vintage 1960s girl scout uniform

Bridgy’s in my sister’s 1960s Vintage Girl Scout Uniform

Vintage Girl Scout Uniform and Badges from the 1960s Sewing Cooking First Aid Paint Art Swimming Treasure Chest Keys

Vintage Girl Scout Uniform and Badges from the 1960s

Girl in 1960s GS Junior Uniform Spanish Trails Council Southern California

This is Bridgy in my sister 1960s vintage Girl Scout uniform. Faith and Rebecca were members of the Spanish Trails Council, Troop 785, Hacienda Heights, California. My mom was their troop leader. She was amazing!!!!! We found their uniforms along with my brother’s Boy Scout uniform and my Girl Scout uniform in the bottom of her cedar chest after she died.

vintage girl scout yellow tie 1960s

1960s girl scout usa emblem patch

Vintage Badges

Vintage Badges

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  1. Rebecca

    I can’t begin to tell you how moved I am to see Bridgy in my uniform. How I wish her cousin Adrienne had been photographed in it as well. Who could have known our precious Mom had saved back all those precious keepsakes so many years ago… Saved them back for us all to find when she was gone.

    Robert was right. Something spiritual happened when her cedar chest’s lid was opened.

    I treasure this photo. I will forever. And her.

    Your Sis <3

    • Jennifer

      Thank you for letting me photograph her in it!! She was so proud to wear it, Beck. More to come!


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