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Fun Easter Cookies + A Fabulous Butter Cookie Recipe

Easter cookies, one for each member of our family, compliments of Bridgy!

Fun Easter Cookies Bunny Rabbit Cookie Cutter

Bridgy’s fun Easter cookies!

I’ve been rolling out cookie dough on this old marble washstand for nearly 30 years! I bought it in 1992, at the old Spivey’s Antique store on May Avenue in Oklahoma City.

Squirrel Cookie IKEA Cookie Cutter

The squirrel cookie cutter came in a set from IKEA.

Two years after I bought it, I found a wonderful recipe in the June 1994 issue of Victoria Magazine for Graduation Heart Cookies. They were sweet, buttery cutout cookies, and I’ve made them every year for the past 24 years. I remember the first time I made them for my mother. She loved them so much, she copied down the recipe. When she died in December, I found it tucked between the pages of her old cook book. It was right there in her beautiful handwriting, on the page for stuffed eggplant and eggplant tomato casserole.

Graduation Cookies Sweet Butter Recipe

Victoria Magazine Graduate Heart Cookies

I miss my mom so much…

Blue Bear IKEA Cookie Cutter

Spotted Bear Cookie

Bridgy loves to decorate cookies. She recently counted and organized all 38 bottles of sprinkles. That spotted one reminds me of Go, Dog, Go!

Sullivan likes to make them, too. Check out the animal cookies we made in November.

@ikeausa Cookie cutters. Sullivan made these today. The moose cookie cutter is one of my favorite things this year. The 🦊 fox and 🐌 snail, too.

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Recipe for Easter Cookies

Here is the recipe in my mom’s beautiful penmanship. This will be our first Easter without her. It’s hard not to mark the days, the milestones. Impossible, actually. She loved Easter. I know she is rejoicing in heaven with her Savior, our Resurrected Jesus.

I love and miss you, Mom. 

Butter Cookie IngredientsRecipe Butter Cookies 1Butter Cookie Recipe 2

What is your favorite Easter recipe?

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