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Blog Mentioned on Monster

My little corner of the Internet scored a mention on the popular job site Many thanks to the journalist! Here’s my post on the Facebook page about it.

Here is the excerpt that includes a link to a post I wrote about latchkey kids.

Can’t Gen X Pick Up the Slack?
Generation X spans those born between 1965 to 1980 and includes 65 million people. According to Pew Research, Gen X contributes nearly 53 million workers to the U.S. economy. That leaves a gap of 10 million workers to fill the Baby Boomer gap. 

Unfortunately, not all Gen Xers will continue to work full time. Many in the “latchkey generation” are at a life stage with children and some must care for aging parents, too. For these workers, workplace flexibility and work/life balance are critical components of the decision to stay in, or step away from, the workforce.

Click here to see all the places this blog has been featured. I’m very grateful!

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    Congratulations, Jennifer!


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