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Bridgy Twirls in the Stockyards City Christmas Parade

It was a joy-filled morning as my daughter Bridgette marched in the Stockyards City Cowboy Christmas Parade in Oklahoma City. It was her first parade. Since she is so young, we all escorted her including her super awesome brother Sullivan who rode his hover-board and carried the BRIDGY TWIRLS sign. After the parade, we popped into Langston’s where a woman stopped and told us that big brother deserved a big award. I just loved that. People like to see families supporting each other, and I was so proud of Sullivan for being a great sport!

National Saddlery in Oklahoma City

National Saddlery in Oklahoma City

Bridgy was just downright breath-taking today. She was so full of joy and confidence, and loved every minute she got to march with her shiny baton. I realized today as I heard the crowd ohhhh and ahhhh as she marched by how much joy her little offering brought to people. Man, parades are so much fun! I caught one lady, about 70-years-old, turn to her husband and say, “Oh, a baton twirler! I used to twirl baton!”

Stockyards City Christmas Parade

Stockyards City Christmas Parade

I kid you not, this sweet woman laid her head on her husband’s shoulder and just smiled with pure joy as Bridgy marched by. I was literally transported back in time in my mind to the days of her youth and zeal. I imagined that she, too, donned a velvet costume and tall boots and marched with a baton. They heyday of baton twirling was during the glory days of her generation.

Bridgy tosses her baton in front of McClintock's Saloon in Stockyards City, Oklahoma.

Bridgy tosses her baton in front of McClintock’s Saloon in Stockyards City, Oklahoma.

Oh, glory days. The thought that they end makes me sad.

All this lady’s nostalgia washed over me, as well as her hope. The hope that maybe old things will become new again. That the things she once loved would no longer be irrelevant. That girls would do more than play video games, surf the Internet and wear T-shirts that proclaim they’re just as powerful and strong as boys.

Langston's Western Wear

Langston’s Western Wear

Sullivan, Robert and Bridgy getting ready for the parade. Sullivan, Robert and Bridgy getting ready for the parade.

I’m so glad we got to spread some holiday cheer as a family. Many thanks to Stockyards City Main Street program for putting on the parade. There were so many fun entries including old cars, beauty queens, horses, donkeys and little ponies. It was just so awesome. We love Stockyards City!

Bridgy is a proud Native American and a proud Oklahoma baton twirler!

Baton Twirling Lessons in Oklahoma City

Bridgy is a proud Oklahoma baton twirler! Bridgy has been taking baton twirling lessons for more than four years. She is coached by Vicki Ray of Fort Worth and Emily Perkins, University of Oklahoma Feature Twirler.

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