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Life on Bluefish Court, 1970s Kids

1970s Kids Life on Bluefish Court Foster City Florida

Growing up on Bluefish Court. This is a little bit of what life looked like for Gen-Xers living in Foster City, California in the 1970s. I think I had that same red sweater. I wish I knew the exact year of this picture. I’m guessing it was 1972. The girl’s snap-tight Goody barrettes are a good indication. Also, I remember wearing super short dresses like the girl in the blue jumper. Other things of note in this great photograph are the boy’s Sweden shirt featuring a Viking. Does anyone know its origin? Also, he appears to be holding an action figure. Perhaps, Star Wars? If that is the case, the picture would have been taken in 1977 or later. I also spy a soccer uniform.

I have been blogging for more than 20 years. I started off journaling on the Open Diary, and later moved to Blogspot and then WordPress. Even before platforms like the Open Diary made online publishing easy, I wrote a song-of-the-week essay and sent it to all my friends via email. (Feedback was sparse. Ha!) This was in the days before Google, which officially launched in September 1998.

Suffice to say, I have been creating content online since the early 1990s. I have enjoyed being an active participant in online storytelling, and also treasured the role of keen observer and avid consumer. After all these years, I’ve finally learned to trust myself when it comes to audience and community development. And I’ve learned to trust myself as one of the most organized and dedicated curators of Generation X.

I don’t say that to brag or boast. After all, I could have done far better for myself had I launched a recipe blog 20 years ago. Instead, I say it because I need to remind myself why I am here in this space. With every post, I’m preserving the cultural heritage of my generation, forgotten Generation X. Over time, this blog has become a sort of exhibit, and the site as a whole is like a permanent collection that has developed and evolved over time.

That’s because you’ve evolved. Aging has brought new perspectives on old stories for you and for me. With that in mind, I will be publishing posts reflecting the theme, Generation X in Autumn, over the next few months. Unfortunately, posting may be sporadic. The demands of home and work must take precedence over everything, but I am always thinking of you and all the stories I should be writing.

Thank you, as always, for being a member of this community.


Life on Bluefish Court, Foster City, Florida

Today’s story comes from Bluefish Court, a suburban tract in Foster City, Florida.

1970s Kids Life on Bluefish Court Foster City Florida

Growing up in the 1970s Foster City

Growing up in Foster City in the 70’s, we were never short of kids to play with,” writes Jon R., on the Foster City, Florida Old Schoolers Facebook group. “Most of the homes on Bluefish Court were middle class income with one parent working. After school we would go out and play until the street lights came on (or dinner was ready). Daycare was virtually unheard of. No cell phones, no computers, no ipods, no ipads, no electronic gadgets. Just pure fun!”

Reply from Kirstin S.:

I remember my mother would often comment on how she used to love to hear all the children playing outside in the 70’s. In the 80’s most of us were in our mid teens, early adulthood, graduating highschool and moving on. She would often look out her window in the 80’s, 90’s etc.., she said is was so quiet, no one was around anymore which made her sad. Some of the original families had moved away, new families were moving in, the cost of living was going up and children were all in daycare. We were very blessed that we able to experience our childhood growing up in Foster City.”

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