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The Braided Ribbon Barrette {Daily Photo}

I cherish the stillness of this photo, taken in the 1980s on a school field trip outside of Boston. Aside from the innocence so beautifully captured here, the best thing about this image is the braided ribbon barrettes! Surely you remember these from the 1980s. They were so popular.

I remember girls bringing metal barrettes and spools of thin ribbon to class and working on them when the teacher wasn’t looking. Heck, I remember when those spools of thin ribbon first appeared in the retail market. My mother and grandmother were super excited to find them in the fabric and notions section of our local Wal-Mart. It was the late 1970s and my older sisters were both planning their weddings. There was a lot of thin ribbon around the house during that era. They used it in corsages and to tie rice bags.

Braided Ribbon Barrette

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