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⭐️ Gen-X Book Club & Podcast Announcement ⭐️

Vintage Care Bears Folder

Jennifer, Matt, Meggin, Cammie and Jeff. And, my Tenderheart Bear Care Bears folder, 1983.

Here’s a picture of me (front left) with some high school friends, my Care Bears folder (Tenderheart Bear lol), a mullet 😆, history textbook and a preppy crewneck sweater, 1983. It’s the only known photo of me with books and friends (ha!) and therefore perfect for this big announcement.

Facebook has launched Facebook Subscriptions, which are only available to select pages. The feature was made available to me the day I passed 17,000 fans and two days after I started my Patreon. The page grew by 1,000 yesterday. It’s crazy. I’ve had the page since 2009, but started focusing on providing better content about a year ago. Anyway, when you become a supporter for just 99¢ ($0.99) a month you’ll get FIVE THINGS:

Gen-X Book Club

Immediate access to the private Gen-X Book Club on GoodReads. It’s free to sign up for a GoodReads account, but the book club is a private community with no public access. We will read between four and six Gen-X memoirs or other non-fiction works over the next 12 months. The first book selection is Nobody’s Cuter Than You: A Memoir About the Beauty of Friendship by Melanie Shankle. The second book will be 13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail? by Neil Howe and the late William Strauss. It is a generational primer on #GenX 😊

Jennifer Chronicles Podcast

You’ll also get access to my new, professionally-produced monthly podcast, which launches August 2. This is not a public podcast and will only be accessible through a password. It’s a simple monthly offering for you and includes words of hope, a short composition, a generational touchstone, and a beautiful prayer. 😊

Gen-X Car Sticker, Posts, Badge

You will also receive a Gen-X Car Sticker, a $3.99 value (Please allow four-to-six weeks for delivery. 😊 In addition, you’ll receive Exclusive Posts in the private Gen-X Files Supporter Group. (These will also appear on Patreon if you are already in that community.) 😊 Finally, the SUPPORTER badge on Facebook! 😊

You get all this for just 99¢ ($0.99) a month! Thank you in advance for becoming a supporter. ❤️ Click here to get started

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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