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Kids Play on the Beach in Bicentennial Bathing Suits, 1976

Photo Essay: A Family vacations on an undisclosed beach during the summer of 1976. Two of the siblings are wearing matching Bicentennial-themed bathing suits.

(Source: Thomas Payne with CC License)

Siblings on the Beach in 1976Girl Running on Beach 1976Girl Splashing in Waves on Beach 1976

Girl Playing in the Ocean 1976

Girl Playing in the Ocean 1976Girl Snorkeling near the shoreline of a beach 1976

Kids in an intertube playing on a lake in the 1970sGirl swimming near shoreline with vintage mask 1976

Siblings dragging each other into the ocean 1976Brother and Sister on the Dock in Matching Bicentennial Bathing Suits

Girl in a Bicentennial Bathing Suit on a Boat in 1976

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