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18 To Party Billed As πŸ’Œ Love Letter to Gen-X

18 to Party Movie

18 To Party has been described as The Breakfast Club meets Waiting for Godot and a “riveting meditation on Gen-X cynicism.” (Black Book)

18 to Party is an independent coming-of-age film billed as a love letter to Generation X. A 2019 film-festival favorite, it will be released in theaters on November 6.

18 To Party Synopsis

It’s 1984 and outside a small-town nightclub, a group of 8th graders gather, grappling with a spate of recent suicides, UFO sightings, their absentee parents, and each other. 18 To Party spans a single evening in the lives of these kids, but manages to transport us fully to a time when waiting for something to happen felt just as significant as the thing itself. Gorgeously atmospheric, with a pulsating sense of anticipation that steadily builds, the film pulls us into the fears, wounds, and desires of each character, ultimately revealing that hope may arrive from the last place we expect. The meticulously authentic production design, killer soundtrack, and universally excellent performances recall the spirit of classic 80s teen movies like Stand By Me and The Breakfast Club. 18 To Party is a spot-on love letter to Gen X, awkward teenagers, and the transcendent power of friendship.”


Runtime: 80 minutes
Director: Jeff Roda
Screenwriter: Jeff Roda
Producer: Emily Ziff Griffin, Nikola Duravcevic, Stephanie Hall Marin, Andrew Cahill
Cast: Alivia Clark, Tanner Flood, Oliver Gifford, James Freedson-Jackson, Nolan Lyons, Sam McCarthy, Ivy Miller, Taylor Richardson, Erich Schuett

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  1. Larry Hogue


    I saw your older post about Gen Jones but comments were closed there. Do you know the work of Doug Coupland, who coined the term Generation X? It seems like his definition (late β€˜50s/early β€˜60s boomers) just about exactly fits Gen Jones, but then the term got coopted by the demographers to apply to those who came later.

    • Jennifer

      Yes, I’m very familiar with Coupland. I think the term was actually coined by two British researchers. They applied it to first-wave Gen-Xers. I’m not sure if that’s where Coupland picked it up or not, but he is credited duly with its rise and ultimately “stickiness” – as in it stuck while Baby Buster and Thirteeners didn’t. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jennifer Kaufman

    If Generation X deserves anything, it’s a love letter.

  3. Michelle S.

    I saw this yesterday and am very interested. However going on their website or watching the preview on Youtube isn’t showing anything about when it comes out or how to get notified when it does. Do you know?


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