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My Friend Eddi, 1971

A family of six children in the Arkansas River Valley 1971

DAILY PHOTO and a STORY: Eddi, 1971.

I lived in 16 different houses and attended 12 different schools in 10 different towns across six different states between 1974 and 1985. God blessed me with a best friend in every town. Eddi was my best friend from my time in the Arkansas River Valley, and also my favorite from among all my best friends.

I met her in 6th grade while standing at the end of the lunch line. She was such a comedienne and I was easy to entertain. She said the rice they fed us looked like maggots. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard even though I didn’t know what maggots were. 

Eddi was the youngest of five or six kids and the only girl in the family. To be sure, her real name was Eddi. Not short for anything. That’s her holding that glorious round floral suitcase and doll. It was a towhead just like her. Those are her brothers and cousins standing with her.

Eddi and I on Halloween Night, 1978

On Halloween Night, 1978, she dressed up as a ghost. Just a simple white sheet pulled over her head. I was a cat. We ran around town in the pitch-black of night trick-or-treating. Wild and free, we were 11-years-old! We ended up going to a haunted house that night. It was in an old brick building on the town square, upstairs from the Ben Franklin store. We totally got the bejeebers scared out of us. And, somewhere during our adventure, someone offered us orange punch. Eddi drank it right through the sheet!

She was that kind of girl. I loved her so much and always will!

In 1987, I was in college but still thinking of Eddi. I sent her a card ? but it was returned. I’ve kept it now for over 33 years! I keep wondering if I should open it or send it to her. I wonder what I wrote. Maybe I should get in my Jeep and drive to the Arkansas River Valley. She still lives there. She was such a terrific friend.

Did you have an Eddi?

Update: Dearest Eddi died unexpectedly in April 2023. Here is another picture of her from childhood and one from high school. Rest in peace, magnificent Eddi. I will see you again one day, on the other side.

Christmas in Arkansas 1971 - Eddi Day and Family

Beautiful Eddi

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