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Yamboree 1988

Every October since 1935, thousands of people have flocked to East Texas for the annual Yamboree Festival. Originally a celebration of the sweet potato 🍠, the event is one of the longest-held festivals in the Lone Star State. It includes a magnificent πŸ‘‘ queen coronation and pageant, a 🎑 carnival, two parades, a barn dance, πŸ„ livestock shows, and a πŸ₯ marching contest. Sadly, due to the pandemic, there won’t be a Yamboree in 2020.

This horrible outbreak has taken so much from us. Most of all, people we love ❀️. I hope and pray for an end to the pandemic, but also for the ability to live in the present without too much angst and longing. For me, that means embracing the good things this day has to offer — a cup of hot coffee and a moment on the porch watching the fall leaves. All we have is today, friends. This moment, right here, right now.

Here is a look back on the Yamboree in the late 1980s, an era of color and glamour; a southern slice of Gen-X lore. (Photos courtesy of the Yamboree FB page.)

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    The United States is approaching a singularity. Family is the only thing that allows us to navigate the rough waters of tomorrow.


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