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Generation Z and the Solar Eclipse

I celebrated the Solar Eclipse of 2017 with my children today. It was wonderful to witness their fascination with the sun and moon. Here is a prayer for all three of my children, Psalm 121. I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven...

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Gen Z: The Just Google It Generation

Editor’s Note: The years for all generations are subjective. Some demographers and historians believe Gen Z starts in 1995, while others believe it’s closer to 2000. Time will help us flesh out the lines of demarcation for this special generation.  The following article about...

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Generation Z At Work (Study)

Generation Z, by broadest definition, begins in 1996 and runs to current day (2015). A new study sheds light on this Homelander Generation’s attitudes and behaviors at work. They want to drive to their jobs, head into their private offices and meet face-to-face with colleagues before calling...

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The Future Starts Here: Kids and Cell Phones

Tiffany Schlain, the writer and filmmaker who created the Webby Awards is host of an AOL show called The Future Starts Here. It’s entering its second season and I’m really enjoying it. The shows are only about five to six minutes long, but they manage pack in a lot of great content....

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Is Generation Z a Rebellious Generation?

The Sound, a strategic research and branding agency, has created a presentation on “a rebellious generation,” Generation Z. They refer to the generation as Generation Edge. The years for Generation Z are roughly 1997 to Present. Based on their research, they believe Generation Z is...

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