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Urban Exploration

The blogger Tamaranorbust is a writer and academic who writes about things like Urban Exploration (urbex). She’s poured herself into this post, Generation X Goes Back to the Future: Urban Exploration. I love a writer who pushes your fingers to the dictionary or drives you to cross reference!...

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Shake Shingle Houses, Wisteria

  I’ve been photographing rare shake shingle houses in Oklahoma City. This house is located on the edge of the Crown Heights neighborhood. The lot is huge. Unfortunately, the day is coming when someone is going to sell this lot and tear down this shingle house and earth-move all this...

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Weekend Edition: Urban Living

I took this picture on our walk today. Today, we took a long walk that carried us through five historic districts in Oklahoma City: Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, Edgemere Park, and The Paseo. Urban living is not for everyone, but we love it. We love the hope and promise we see every...

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