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Morning Sun, Beautiful Son

Here is Sullivan in the morning sun. He’s still a boy, but for how much longer? He’s growing up so fast, my sweetest son. God-willing we’ll have many more years together, and one day, we’ll walk down this street and we’ll be more than Mother and Son. We’ll be...

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Beautiful St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

I took Sullivan and Bridgette to Ingrid’s Bakery last night for St. Patrick’s Day cookies, cream cheese hamantaschens and Turkish macaroons. I’ve been going to Ingrid’s since I was 19. That was back during the late 1980s when the placed was owned and operated by the...

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Mothers Watching

There is always that one child who sends you tossing and turning all night long. Look up at the ceiling, pray for a small miracle. Maybe a big one.  I don’t even know what to pray sometimes. There’s always that child who gets your feet on the floor at 4 a.m. You can’t sleep so...

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A Boy’s Room

Unhinged In 1999, or maybe it was 2000, I flew to Seattle for a conference. But, I was sad and could not focus and ditched most of it. I rode the bus around the city and bought hot coffee in little shops in the coldest rains. I was carved up by the disappointments in my life. The coffee shops were...

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How to Make Crayon Muffins on a Snow Day

It snowed yesterday in Oklahoma City! I can’t remember a time when it snowed this early in the season. The gold leaves on my Sully’s tree always fall too fast for me. But, I do love the snow, and I welcomed a Snow Day! We started the day with cornmeal mush. It made the children and...

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Pictures on a Treelined Path

There’s a treelined path at the YMCA  field where my kids play soccer. I didn’t notice it until a week or so ago. It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year. You should totally go and see it before winter leaves us all cursing and hoping for an early spring. It’s located...

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