Prelude To Spring

Prelude To Spring

There are days your chest constricts so tight, claws of stress reaching through you, twisting your valves, breaking down your artery walls. These are the days to shrink from superficial social networks so the walls of fear — the walls that surround the space you were born to inhabit — can come tumbling down and […]

Super Easy Way To Hand Tint Valentines and Photos

Blue Valentines Hand Tint

There’s a super easy way to hand tint valentines or photos and it’s PicMonkey! I’m a big fan of the photo  editing service. I get all the cool tools and features with an annual subscription. The cost is just $33 a month. They also offer monthly subscriptions for $4.99. Many of PicMonkey’s features, however, are […]

Review: Belli For Your Face or Pregnant Belly

belli moisturizer

I recently received a wonderful package of samples in the mail from Belli. I’ve enjoyed using the products for the last several weeks and am so happy to provide a review of the products! Winter winds in Oklahoma can be wreak havoc on skin — especially my hands. I look forward to using the Belli […]

Morning Rain and Mercies

Purple Neon Rain 2

This past year, 2014, has been harder than most. My father died in February and things came undone. But, if it’s possible, 2013 was even worse.  What I’ve been through is probably exactly what you’ve been through in your life. The most personal stories are also the most universal. Lies and betrayal. Sickness and death. […]

Mothers Watching

Dishes in a dishwasher

There is always that one child who sends you tossing and turning all night long. Look up at the ceiling, pray for a small miracle. Maybe a big one.  I don’t even know what to pray sometimes. There’s always that child who gets your feet on the floor at 4 a.m. You can’t sleep so […]

A Boy’s Room

Wooden Plane Boys Room

Unhinged In 1999, or maybe it was 2000, I flew to Seattle for a conference. But, I was sad and could not focus and ditched most of it. I rode the bus around the city and bought hot coffee in little shops in the coldest rains. I was carved up by the disappointments in my […]