Carnival Birthday Party (With Pictures)

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Back in July, I threw a carnival birthday party for my daughter Bridgette. We rented a dunk tank and a miniature pony for the kids to paint. Bridgy loved it all, but the dunk tank would have probably been enough! I underestimated how much the kids were going to like it and the poor pony […]

Bones Birthday Party. An Incredibly Hopeful Thing I Did.

Bones Birthday Party

My deeds, my hands, this mess in guilt we silence our questions I say my prayers nevertheless did I do it right, don’t you leave me yet… —Tanya Davis, Please Bless I am reading Meghan Daum’s book The Unspeakable, which makes me painfully aware of the sentimentality in my writing. I can’t turpentine my way free […]

20 Skills Facing Extinction


A survey of 2,000 Britons by Ordnance Survey reveals 20 traditional skills are falling by the wayside and facing extinction. They’re just the latest casualties of technology — examples of digital disruption devaluing more than goods and services, but skills that were once considered vital to life. 20 Skills Facing Extinction According to the survey, […]