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Generation X

letter x monster

This guy really doesn’t like Gen-Xers

Mr. Austin who lives in Salem, Oregon thinks Gen-Xers are a bunch of monsters. Here's his letter to the editor of the Statesman Journal: It seems my ilk of Baby Boomers have birthed a progeny of monsters (Generation “X”). Gen-Xers have morphed at large into idiotic educators, activist adjudicators, … [Read More...]

Mork and Mindy Suspenders

Mork Suspenders

This week Robin Williams passed away. I will always remember him best for his role on Mork and Mindy. He inspired a big fashion trend that dominated my junior high years -- rainbow suspenders.  My friend Shona had a pair! The following is an exchange from a Mork and Mindy episode on loneliness … [Read More...]

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More Posts from this Category