Prelude To Spring

Prelude To Spring

There are days your chest constricts so tight, claws of stress reaching through you, twisting your valves, breaking down your artery walls. These are the days to shrink from superficial social networks so the walls of fear — the walls that surround the space you were born to inhabit — can come tumbling down and […]

Super Easy Way To Hand Tint Valentines and Photos

Blue Valentines Hand Tint

There’s a super easy way to hand tint valentines or photos and it’s PicMonkey! I’m a big fan of the photo  editing service. I get all the cool tools and features with an annual subscription. The cost is just $33 a month. They also offer monthly subscriptions for $4.99. Many of PicMonkey’s features, however, are […]

America After 3 p.m., The Rise of Afterschool Programs

Red Bowl Cheerios Fiestaware

At the start of a new work week, just before sunrise, Robert came into our room to tell me goodbye. He goes in early on Mondays so he can leave in time to make it to our son’s basketball practice. I’m glad his employer offers workplace flexibility. The rigid policies of some along with the […]