Juliette’s Prom, Hope and a Future

Prom 2015 Collage

Juliette is my beautiful teenage daughter. Sweet and classy and with a big heart for all God’s creatures great and small. She had her junior prom last week. I’m so proud of the young woman she is becoming. She’s gearing up for an exciting trip to Europe this summer. When she returns she’ll be getting […]

What To Do When You’ve Wasted Precious Time

Refinishing Window Buntings on Historic Home

Long after I’m gone, this old house on 20th Street will still be standing. We moved here right after I got pregnant with my son Sullivan who is nine now. Dear Lord, where does the time go? When we first moved in everything had a fresh coat of paint and the hardwood floors were pristine. […]

Look How Beautiful Losing Can Be | Track and Field Ribbons

Fifth Place

In 1978, a young Australian swimming star named Lisa Forrest rocketed to an amazing lead in the 200 meter backstroke at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. At 14-years-of age, she might have come in first if she’d done what she said her coach told her to do. But, in her own words, she thought she […]

Morning Sun, Beautiful Son

Beautiful Son Morning Sun

Here is Sullivan in the morning sun. He’s still a boy, but for how much longer? He’s growing up so fast, my sweetest son. God-willing we’ll have many more years together, and one day, we’ll walk down this street and we’ll be more than Mother and Son. We’ll be friends. I love you, Sullivan. In […]

Funny Easter Pictures

Maternity Ward 1966

I’ve gathered some funny Easter pictures recently posted to Twitter. They include an awesome picture of a vintage baby stroller from 1963, some scary Easter bunny pictures complete with children crying and some rather ridiculous Easter fashions. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. Happy Easter! I love to source pictures from the […]

Stripes That Heal the Lacerations of Betrayal

Thin Branch With Yellow FLowers

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was desperate to stay alive. Full of “sorrow to the point of death,” he prayed for the bitter cup of crucifixion to pass from him. He begged his disciples to stay with Him. But, instead, they fell asleep, exhausted from mourning. Alone, Jesus prayed as blood […]