Family Dinner: Award-Winning Film Explores Dating, Peer Pressure (Trailer)

family dinner

Family Dinner is a modern drama about dating, peer pressure and learning the nature of true love and the selfless service Christ’s love calls us to share in the Eucharist. It tells the story of 15-year-old Cristina (played by Paulina Cerrilla, 2012 NBC “The Voice” contestant and Hispanic CoverGirl makeup model) who gets caught planning to sneak […]

Gen Xer suffers brain fog. Tries HCF. Gets a happier brain. Likes it!

happy calm focused brain supplement

I recently received a bottle of the brain supplement Happy • Calm • Focused or HCF. Like most Gen-Xers who’ve been inundated over the last 25 years with a nauseating cocktail of marketing hype and scare journalism, I’m skeptical about, well, everything. It’s all those product recalls. There’s been so many over the years, I’ve grown numb […]

The Charm Bracelet: A Charming Way To Celebrate Your Daughter’s Life

Charm Bracelet Family Heirloom

This year for Bridgette’s birthday, I gave her a beautiful Soufeel charm bracelet. Unlike the stuffed animals, clothes and gadgets that will eventually end up at Goodwill, the bracelet can stay with her throughout her lifetime. It’s something she can pass down through the generations. This is important to me because family heirlooms enrich our appreciation for […]

How to trust God and move mountains despite the tragedies that claim the lives of people you love: An Interview with Deb Soderboom

Oklahoma Cone Flower

Today, is the third feature in the Oklahoma Women Summer Faith Series 2015. With gratitude I welcome the testimony of an old friend, Deb Soderboom Wells. I attended high school with Debbie back in the 1980s, and I just loved her to pieces. We all did!  I remember her as the sweetest, bounciest high school cheerleader I ever met. Her classmates […]

Generation X: Confounded by the Granny Hair Trend, Coke In A Green Can and Life On Credit Cards. (It’s Another Blue Plate Special.)

Generation X First Eye Phone

It’s time for another round of Gen X headlines, blog posts, tweets and poetry. Except no poetry. Nobody ever writes any poems about Generation X. Around here, we call this regular series the Blue Plate Special, but since we’re approaching rolling black out season in America, let’s think of this post as more like a […]