If pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it’s this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture.

This is my daughter Bridgette. I love to take her picture. I love to photograph all my children! I love to photograph your children. I love to photograph the world. I shoot with a Nikon D600 or sometimes my old Nikon D60. I sometimes use a Tamron lens.

Bridgy in blue goggles 2

Most of my blog posts feature original photography.

Tornado Pictures

Here is a picture I took it after the May 20, 2013 tornado that ravaged nearby Moore, Oklahoma. Click here to see more tornado pictures.

American Tornado in an American Kitchen

American Tornado in an American Kitchen

Why I Love Photography.

There is a line from the Thornton Wilder play, Our Town, that pretty much sums up my passion for taking pictures:

“So — people a thousand years from now—this is the way we were in the provinces north of New York at the beginning of the twentieth century. — This is the way we were: in our growing up and in our marrying and in our living and in our dying.”

This is another one of my favorite pictures. I took this in Guthrie, Oklahoma during the Mumford and Sons Gentleman of the Road concert tour in 2013. Isn’t she special!? You can find some of my favorite images on posts labeled Life in Oklahoma.

Guthrie Oklahoma Youth Mumford and Sons

Oklahoma girl | Gentleman of the Road Tour | Guthrie, Oklahoma | September 2013

Street Photography

Through street photography I seek to tell stories that are familiar and ordinary. If you tell someone you went to the concession stand after the ballgame and bought a piece of Dubble Bubble you’ve told a boring story. But, these same stories come alive with perfection and light; love and celebration when they are photographed.

Here are some baseball players from an Oklahoma City school. I love their green jerseys.

Boys in Green Jerseys

Quail Creek Elementary Baseball Team

Through my photographs, I hope to inspire people to savor the life they have and to recognize the sheer perfection in simple things. I also love to take pictures of things that challenge our perceptions of beauty and quality of place.

Homeless Texting

A homeless man sits on a porch and texts someone from his cell phone.

I like contradiction and irony in photographs, like the picture I shot of this homeless man texting someone. Sometimes, photos reveal what we don’t see in person, freezing a frame of life that is so brief it can’t be forgotten because it was never remembered.

Here is a picture I took of a beautiful girl at a Halloween parade in Oklahoma City. She’s special, too! We are all special, each and everyone of us…

ghouls gone wild halloween parade

Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween Parade | OKC | October 2011

Irony and contradiction give us new perspectives on old stories and they help unravel misconceptions. I never manufacture the events or things I photograph, and I rarely, if ever, manipulate my photos with trick-effects. I have never used Photoshop, etc., but think it’s OK if you do. Photography is an art form and for many people shooting is just the beginning stages of creating that art.

I don’t like to take pictures of food, but I love these apples and colors.

Fancy Candy Apples

Fancy Candy Apples | Festival of the Arts, OKC | April 2012

Pictures of Different Colored Things

Speaking of colors, I love to organize my images by color.

Red Bud Tree

Red Bud Tree

Here are links to all my Oklahoma Color sets. Turquoise | PurplePink  | Red | GreenBlue | BlackYellowOrangeWhite | Brown

2 green graffiti train

In 2012, I took a lot of pictures of graffiti in Oklahoma City. You can find all those wild, glorious and colorful images here: Graffiti Wednesday.

This is a picture of the Oklahoma State Capitol. It has appeared on websites, advertisements and was highlighted on CNN.


I shot for many years with my faithful Nikon D60. In September 2013, I upgraded to the Nikon 600. Sometimes, I use an extended lens by Tamron on the D60. That’s what I used when I took the picture of this horse. I love to shoot subjects in rural Oklahoma. He was in Eastern Oklahoma County, about 20 miles east of Oklahoma City. I loved the old 1960s camper in the background.

A horse at a fence with a camper in the yard.

There are lots of horses in Oklahoma. And more often than you think there’s an old camper nearby. This is how we roll.

I love to take pictures of my kids during playtime. Here is a set I did of my son playing with his legos. There is so much joy in watching them play. It’s also very entertaining seeing how they set up their toys.

Lalaloopsy T Rex Dinosaur Tea Party

Lalaloopsy and T Rex Dinosaur

This is one of my all-time favorites. The vintage hood ornament, the vintage Pontiac remind me of my father and mother. I took this during the Summer of 2012 when we took the kids to “Radiator Springs” a la the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico. We had a fabulous time. I’m so glad I have this picture to remember it.

Blue Swallow Motel Tucumcari

For Hire or Purchase

I have done paid assignments in the past. My work has appeared in The Oklahoman, Slice, CNN, Oklahoma Today and numerous professional websites. I’ll still consider some projects for hire depending on what it is, but mostly I prefer to sell existing stock. If you see something you like and want to buy it, please email me at jenx67[at] I sell my high-resolution digital images for $35 each, payable through Paypal. You can also call or text me, (405) 443.8895. An example of stock I’ve had published can be seen in this Oklahoma City publication, Velocity.

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