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Blue Plate Special: Gen X Stuff I Found While Looking Around

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If you’re new around here, the Blue Plate Special is a long-running, though infrequent feature, that highlights Generation X stuff I find while looking around the worldwide web. So, here we go. National Geographic will host a three-day mini-series on the decade of the 80s. The web presentation and promotion for this event is terrific […]

Gen X Headlines: Motherland, Paul Ryan, Horshack, Count von Count and Scully and Mulder Dating


Hungry for some Generation X headlines? It’s been more than two weeks since I served up a Blue Plate Special. I know you must be starving. Before we get to the main dish, I’ll start things off with this tasty appetizer: Motherland, Amy Sohn‘s “Brooklyn-based novel on the dissatisfaction of urban parenthood.” If you missed […]