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1971: Santa’s Land, Putney, Vermont

[Generation Christmas] Santa Land in Putney, Vermont provided a lot of happy memories for at least four generations of American children who visited the Christmas theme park over the years. I would have loved this place! Unfortunately, over the years it fell into disrepair. Eventually, it disappeared from the local Chamber of Commerce brochures, and […]

Christmas 1967: Carnaby Street

Isn’t this street amazing? It’s Carnaby Street, a shopping street in London. Carnaby Street, London | Christmas 1967 | Source: Next Time Around What is your favorite place to shop during Christmas? Generation Christmas is a meme to keep my blog active during a short holiday break. I’ve created a couple badges. You can pick […]

Christmas 1967, Morristown, Tennessee

It’s only in our blind beliefThat we ever see the truth.–From Grown Up Christmas List Source: Topix [Generation Christmas] This is a picture of Main Street in Morristown, Tennesssee, Christmas 1967. I love the lamplights and old cars. I’m always so curious about how the world looked the year I was born.  It seems like […]

Generation Christmas

This month, I will be auto-posting a different photo every day from Christmas Past including several from 1967. In case you couldn’t tell from my URL, that’s the year I was born. I have sourced some wonderful images. I hope you’ll check in from day-to-day throughout the season. I’ve even created a couple of makeshift […]