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Halloween 1973

Halloween 1973, originally uploaded by tuscaloosa_designs. This vintage Halloween photo of Gen Xers from 1973 is in the spirit of Dear Photograph, the popular website that posts pictures of pictures from the past in the present. I love it! It’s become a tradition around here for me to post vintage Generation X pictures during Halloween, […]

bunny rabbit halloween costume [1973]

Update: October 2011 Since I posted this collection of vintage Generation X Halloween pictures, some of the FLICK users have removed their photos or changed permissions. There are still many available, however, so be sure to click “Older Posts” as only a few posts are displayed at one time. Julie5pecanz In 1973, this litte Gen […]

7 Links

Ghouls Gone Wild One of my favorite bloggers, the travel blogger, Misadventures with Andi, published a post back in August that I really liked. It was a 7-links meme post in which she was tagged by another blogger to identify a series of past posts such as most beautiful post, most helpful post, etc.  I […]