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War Clown Army, Eat The Pigs, Lu Dc HiC

[Graffiti Wednesday] “We are clowns because what else can one be in such a stupid world.” –The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army or CIRCA I visited Graffiti Alley in Automobile Alley the other day and was surprised to see all the colorful graffiti painted over rather haphazardly. I posted a picture to Instagram and Twitter […]

Blogs: Oh, the Places You’ll Go [State of the Site]

Graffiti Trains over NE 23rd Street east of Broadway Avenue | Oklahoma City While checking out Branded in the 80s, I discovered a blog meme  League of Extraordinary Bloggers, on the site Cool and Collected. They’re hoping to snag some new bloggers and I’ve decided to participate. Click here to review the details. This week’s […]

Blog Survey Update and A New Blog Feature

Special thanks to everyone who filled out my recent blog survey. There were a few surprises and the information I garnered will help me as I move forward with blog content development. Here are a few of the takeaways: Of all my regular features, there is greatest awareness of Graffiti Wednesday and This Oklahoma Life.  […]

This Oklahoma Life: Beware of Dog

SW 29th east of Western Avenue Woof. Woof. I’m positive his name is Vicious. I am having too much fun with photography, friends. I am working on my first card collection not to mention the somewhat fledgling Oklahoma Color Project and This Oklahoma Life. Also, Graffiti Wednesdays. Woohoo! Last Friday, I landed within two feet of a moving […]