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Regular Cars for Mortals (Daily Gen X Photo)

Regular Car Reviews: Regular Cars for Mortals “Cars are machines. But they’re also art form in what they inspire in auto enthusiasts. In a literary sense, cars are romanticism. The emotions they create overpower reason and fical responsibility. And that’s true of just about every...

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Huntington Beach,1970s (Daily Photo)

I loved going to Huntington Beach as a child. Surprisingly, someone captured our visit on film in 1971. I’m the little one in the front with the ponytails. That’s my brother Billy to my left and my sister Becky to my right. Over Becky’s left shoulder is my cousin Kathy who died a...

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1970s Granny Square Afghan Poncho and Matching Skirt

DAILY PHOTO: Three-year-old Toni wears a granny square afghan poncho and matching skirt, March 1971. ✌️ I love her go-go boots! That’s the thing about ponchos. If you had one it was probably made by someone who loved you. 🧡💛 (Photo Credit: Toni L., a longtime follower of this blog.) Check...

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Classroom Films | Educational Filmstrips of Lore

I remember classroom films and/or educational filmstrips from my school years with great fondness. The Red Balloon and Leo Beuerman were among my favorites. I was so thrilled when the classroom lights dimmed and the librarian, with her polyester pantsuits and air of intrigue, appeared with a 16mm...

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