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Prom and Paneling (Daily Photo)

Thank You Thank you to the faithful email subscribers of the Gen-X Daily Photo. I appreciate you sticking with me as I know the feature has been highly irregular. The challenge of gaining traction has been the lack of time needed to write sufficient text to go with the photos. Without copy, the...

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1980s Prom Queen (With Pictures)

Prom Photos and Generations Welcome to Flashback Friday! Since it’s prom season in Oklahoma, I thought this photo of a group of Gen Xers from a 90s prom made for a fitting look back. All these girls look so happy and so beautiful! I’m guessing they were born sometime between 1972 and...

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Everyone in the 80s Wore Jon Bon Jovi Hair to Prom

Shot through the heart And you’re to blame You give love  A bad name…   Rock star Jon Bon Jovi was a trending topic on Twitter today after a fake news release announced the singer was dead at age 49. Fortunately, he is very much alive. Fortunately, Jon Bon Jovi hair isn’t. Ha! I...

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Prom pictures from the 1980s

It’s prom season! Every year, I look forward to seeing teenagers in tuxedos escorting their prom divas to dinner at one of the restaurants along the Bricktown Canal in OKC. I find it all so amusing. Before I had kids, I actually made note of the date of at least one big, local prom....

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