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Football and Favorite Fall Movies

Where did October go? It appears to have been eaten up by the shifting winds of global warming. We’ve had days when it was hot enough to go swimming! Cruel, cruel world, how could you take away October and leave us with less than 30 days until Thanksgiving? I’m not ready to let go of...

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Falling Leaves in Oklahoma

There’s not been an autumn when so many yellow leaves have fallen and still so many green leaves were left on the trees. Winters can be pretty brutal in Oklahoma. We’ve been known to have horrible ice storms. Spring can be scary, too, with all the tornadoes. And, there’s been a...

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Oklahoma Fall

Last Friday in Oklahoma City, the day started out hot and gusty. It got up to 105 degrees, and just as I started to fear September would wilt on the lingering vines of August the temperature dropped. By 8 p.m. we were in the low 70s, and by bedtime, the night was 40 degrees cooler than the day....

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Oklahoma Pumpkin Patch

Robert took off work yesterday and we made our annual trip to TG Farms in Tuttle, an Oklahoma pumpkin patch. It’s located about 20 minutes south of our home in Oklahoma City. I always gasp at having to pay $8 each for admission to the pumpkin patch. That is, until the kids go crazy running...

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Fall Foliage in Oklahoma City (2009)

I hear the drizzle of the rain Like a memory it falls Soft and warm continuing Tapping on my roof and walls. –From Simon and Garfunkel’s Kathy’s Song You don’t have to hit the rural highways and byways of Oklahoma to find terrific fall foliage. If you work in downtown...

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Fall Foliage in Oklahoma City

Autumn has arrived in our neighborhood, and willfully pushed out her annoying, bikini-clad younger sister, Summer. Summer thinks she’s so hot with her pricey sunglasses and fake tan. Actually, summer is hot. I don’t like her very much. If fog comes on little cat feet, autumn in...

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