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Some Church in Sulphur | Vintage Religion

Today, my daughter Bridgy was an altar server for the first time. I posted a picture on Instagram to commemorate the occasion. Church has been a part of my life since before I was born. The older I get, the more I enjoy it, but I still get nostalgic for the past. I miss how church used to be, or...

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Jesus Saves Sign

Frankie’s Diner Over on the edge of town Neon sign spinnin’ round Like a cross over the lost and found –From Springsteen and Girls In Their Summer Clothes Jesus Saves Sign Last weekend, my husband Robert and I took a drive down by the Oklahoma City Boathouse District. I wanted to...

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Of Lovers And The Saints We Are Becoming

I left them for you Those prodigals of familiarity Where we were not welcome And I said We are lonely And someone said Do you know how many lovers he has taken? And, I wondered why Did the veil have to be torn If access involves consideration: How many lovers have you taken? I left them for you...

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I left you today. And I’m certain when I did, I chipped a tile From the Mosaic The fractured Bride of God. It seems I had no choice For 25 some-odd years, I’ve watched The same man Silver hair and a gold horn He played it like me But, safer, And, you know, I didn’t. I fancied myself bombastic Like...

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No Laughing In Church

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, Wednesday night prayer meetings were a regular stop on my Generation X childhood. It’s because of this that a huge piece is missing from my cultural memoir: Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, which were televised on Wednesday nights. My father pastored...

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My Father’s Vintage Cufflinks

My father pastored small churches across the south central plains of America. Sunday mornings were his time to shine. I watched him get ready like some little girls watch their mothers. He’d shine his shoes, and sometimes, mine. He’d shave and trim his mustache. Then he’d iron...

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