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Some Church in Sulphur | Vintage Religion

Today, my daughter Bridgy was an altar server for the first time. I posted a picture on Instagram to commemorate the occasion. Church has been a part of my life since before I was born. The older I get, the more I enjoy it, but I still get nostalgic for the past. I miss how church used to be, or...

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Generation X Rock Music Documentary

I took a picture that I’ll have to send People here are friendly and content People here are colorful and bright The flowers often bloom at night –From R.E.M. and The Flowers of Guatemala Summers During College During the summer of 1986 (or was it 1987?) I lived with Julie and Debbie...

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Shopping Thrift Stores During the 1980s

My thrift store adventures began in 1975 at the downtown Goodwill in Colorado Springs. My father took me often where I found many wonderful treasures, many of which annoyed my mom. My dad would buy me dirty teddy bears and dolls with matted hair. Whatever piece of junk I couldn’t bear to...

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