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1970 Dolls: The Dawn Doll by Topper

  Meeting Dawn In 1974, we moved from Sigman Street in Southern California to London Lane in Colorado Springs. A year or so later, a little girl with a case full of Topper Dawn Dolls appeared in the house next door. Her parents were divorced and she’d come to visit her dad for the...

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Young Gen X is Generation Catalano

I am really enjoying the ongoing Generation Catalano meme, which is about younger members of Gen X who identify more with Cabbage Patch Kids than Reality Bites; Kanye West than Kurt Cobain. The conversation essentially began with an October 16, New Yorker article, The Kids Are Actually Sort of...

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Generation Jones and Mixed Messages

by Cari Okie Contributor Blog: Cari Okie – Empty Nest, Full Life I’m part of Generation Jones, the tiny subset of Generation X that was born between 1954 and 1965. Sandwiched between the Boomers and Gen X proper, we have never felt at home with either side. Sometimes I think my best...

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