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Funny Dog Pictures

Here are some funny dog pictures to entertain you this Christmas season! I took my little girl Bridgy and our dog Charlie for a walk the other day and this is what happened. Charlie met a couple of fake Siberian huskies on a fake Iditarod through Heritage Hills and went cuckoo. Charlie is famous...

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Happy Halloween. We Scored A Dracula Pez.

My kids scored a Dracula Pez at the house on 19th Street this year. Yea! Dracula Pez Happy Halloween! I wanted to share some pictures with you of our wonderful night Trick-or-Treating in Heritage Hills, our Oklahoma City neighborhood. Sullivan was a skunk, although he kind of looked like a black...

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Heritage Hills in Autumn

My sweet little girl Bridgy brought me a handful of autumn goodies she collected yesterday in Heritage Hills, our Oklahoma City neighborhood. She found all these things on the grounds of the Overholser Mansion. I showed her how to make a fall color palette from all the things she found. She was...

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