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Pilgrim Costumes for Kids

I cherish these pilgrim costumes for kids my mother made for my children. She also made Sullivan’s Indian costume. Aren’t they wonderful? Thanks, mom! Sully is my little Indian peacemaker. These two are so close. It makes me so happy to see them snuggle on the couch together at night....

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

In 1967, in L.A. County General Hospital, my mother delivered me. In other words, I was born. She told me this story one time – just one time – about how the nurses whisked me off to the nursery after delivery, and she didn’t see me for at least three days. Things were different then, I...

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Trampling Out The Vintage

Not one time in my entire adult life of buying grapes, have I ever brought them home and not remembered one of the finer memories of my childhood: my very first taste of grapes. When they were on sale, which was rare, my mother bought them. I remember her coming home quite excited and exclaiming,...

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