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Tacky Box: Be Classy, Not Tacky

Read this post to learn about the Tacky Box. It was innocent, but hurtful. Two years ago, my daughter, Bridgette, who was four-years-old at the time, asked a friend why she looked like a monkey. My friend took it in stride, but I was completely mortified. Oh, how I wish I’d had tacky box...

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How To Make A Cucumber Canoe

Well I said don’t worry Yes I know this boat seems small If you just trust me Then our canoe won’t sink at all… I have three children whose ages span preschool to 8th grade. Nobody has to tell me how quickly childhood passes because I see it for myself everyday. I know I am...

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Is Marketing the Cause of Overparenting?

In a recent blog post, Amy Tiemann, Ph.D., and author of Mojo Mom: Nurturing Yourself While Raising a Family asserts that marketing is an underlying root cause of overparenting. She is editing the forthcoming anthology Courageous Parenting. Tiemann writes: “As our lives were actually getting...

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Wild Christmas Cookies With My Kids

My Auntie Phyllis is always so great to remember my kids at Christmastime! This year she sent cookie molds, measuring cups and measuring spoons along with a how-to guide for painting the cookies. I promised her I’d post pictures once we had a chance to break it all open and experiment. We...

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The Mornings Are Perfect

The mornings are perfect. Especially this morning, with its July rain, and lavender-hued sky. My little boy is up, walking a little sideways, covering one eye with his hand as he rubs away sleep and night. “Good morning,” he says. Then he runs to the bathroom, slams up the lid to the potty and...

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