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Throwback Thursday: Ivywild

Ivywild Elementary School, Colorado Springs In the spring of 1974, I attended Ivywild Elementary School in Colorado Springs. My time there was very brief — maybe two weeks at the most — but the building captured my imagination. Ivywild was built in 1912. Being there was like stepping...

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Generation X News Stories

I have been so busy with work the past few months that I’ve not had time to put together a post of all the current news about Generation X. I’ve always called this feature the Blue Plate Special. What emerges from all these stories is a narrative about a generation slowly coming into...

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Generation X, Lost American Dream, New Gilded Age

We returned late last night from family vacation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. When I walked into the dark kitchen, I saw the glowing green light of the coffee pot. It was on the entire time we were gone. I was like, thank you, coffee pot, for not burning down our house. Generation X and the...

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Generation X Omitted From Nat Geo 80s Show

You need never look back again… — From Reo Speedwagon and Take It On The Run It was a significant, simultaneous gathering of Gen Xers, and it played out in the same way it always has. We were together in the sense we were all watching the same thing: National Geographic’s...

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