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The Future Starts Here: Kids and Cell Phones

Tiffany Schlain, the writer and filmmaker who created the Webby Awards is host of an AOL show called The Future Starts Here. It’s entering its second season and I’m really enjoying it. The shows are only about five to six minutes long, but they manage pack in a lot of great content....

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Own A Piece of Internet History

In 2005, Alex Tew sold advertising space on his super ugly website, Million Dollar Homepage. He sold the space in the form of pixels for $1 each and he made a ton of money. Recently, he made more money selling 1,000 limited edition posters of the ugly Internet “art.”

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The Teens Were Nestled All Snugg in their iPads

I received an invitation from Snugg to choose a leather iPad case to review on my blog. I hate doing product reviews, but they had me at leather. So, I chose this apple green leather case that is super, super nice. The Snugg makes me not hate product reviews, probably because I really, really like...

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Underground and Secret Social Media Accounts

Teens, Selfies and Secret Social Media Accounts Brian Solis, a sociologist, futurist, and digital analyst, has written an article about how teens use social media and why it matters. It’s a good article that addresses rampant selfies and the rise of accidental narcissism among Generation Y...

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Generation X Straddles Past and Future Exactly

“I often tell my kids…who have only known the world in the Internet age, of watching the web go from nothing to everything at nearly the same pace as I watched them grown up so very fast.”–Shawn W., Generation X NOTE: I first connected with Shawn via my blog two or three...

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