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Creative Thanksgiving Party Idea

Styrofoam Greeting is a great Thanksgiving party idea! Are you looking for a unique Thanksgiving party idea — a fun way to welcome your guests to your autumn table? These spray-painted Styrofoam cups stuck in a chain link fence spell Happy Thanksgiving. What a fun Thanksgiving craft idea for...

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Thanksgiving Pictures from the 1960s

I love to find that rare jewel of a photo from decades past. The kind of picture that subtly captures the cultural mores and norms of American families of the day. The following Thanksgiving images from the 1960s highlight a few of these customs, some of which have stood the test of time and some...

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Thanksgiving Barbie Through the Generations

I love these Thanksgiving Barbie pictures that highlight different generations. And, I love the color scheme in this kitchen. Early 60s Thanksgiving Barbie. I’m digging Midge’s little aqua check jacket. Check out Francie, Ken and Skipper. Francie was always my favorite. I want to live...

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The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t (1972)

Here’s a little Thanksgiving after-school special for all you Gen Xers out there. This is a clip from the 1972 holiday original The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t. Happily, you can tune in to Boomerang at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. (ET) on Thanksgiving Day to see the 30-minute commercial-free...

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Turkey Headbands for Thanksgiving

I came across a turkey headband kit at Hobby Lobby the other day. I thought these would be so cute for Thanksgiving, and the kit was cheap! It was a steal at $2.99, but I got it cheaper than that. It was on sale for 66 percent off! The kit makes 12 felt headbands. The kids and I had great fun...

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