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Memories of the 1958 Oldsmobile Rocket

Guest Post by Wild Billy Elliott It was 1966, and my Dad had a gold 1958 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Sedan. It was a Chromes-mobile to be sure, with wild tail lights that looked like chrome-plated rockets shooting out from the rear of the car.I was four in ‘66, and stood just below eye level with those...

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Used Cars: Thump, Thump and A Practical Joke

One summer evening, our family was whizzing down the road with Dad at the wheel of our Rambler, when SUDDENLY…Thump-Thump! First the front wheels, then the rear wheels rolled over SOMETHING in the road. I’ll never forget those horrible words that Dad spoke next. With voice shaking he...

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Funny Car Stories | Bald Tires in the Rain

Guest post by Billy Elliott | Used Car Stories Did I ever tell you about how dad used to get us tires for the Oldsmobile? Behind the tire store, they put the old worn tires that were “take offs”, cast aside after people bought NEW ones. Well, Dad and I would go there at night after...

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Used Cars: 1959 Rambler Wagon

Guest Post by Billy Elliott When dad went New Mexico in 1972, he left Mom our ’63 Rambler to get around Hacienda Heights in (to the store, to church, school…). Well, one day it just quit, and being only 10-years-old at the time, I wasn’t exactly the diagnostic technician I’d wished I...

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Growing up, my father was always repairing something that was broken. More often than not, it was some bombed-out used car. Seriously, my father spent most of my childhood under the hood of a car trying to get it running again. Once, he was under a jacked-up car and the jack collapsed and the car...

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Jen’s Used Car Story #1

When I was in fourth or fifth grade, my big sister, Linda, sent my father 500 hard-earned dollars she’d saved for a car. She wanted something cute and little, but instead, he virtually devastated her by purchasing a vehicle that looked very similar to the one above. I’m not certain of...

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